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Speaker, moderator and trainer


I was still in the lab, and every time I bumped into a new study or a new technique my first instinct was: to whom I am going to tell this now?

It started like this for many science writers and communicators:


One way to do this is “simply” by talking to people: public events and science festivals make available and accessible contents too technical or complex to be put easily into context otherwise.


My way to do it often implies engaging people with scent using high tech instruments such as perfume blotters, candies, fan, and other smelling goods. But, if you think this might be a bit too much for your sensibility, I can arrange standard talks as well, leaving to the audience the pleasure of imagination.


Here you find some of my past public talks.


the wish – or passion - for telling (science)-stories, to let people know and get a whiff of what science looks like, to provide a frame or tool-kit for interpretation, helping to understand the scientific process and the complexity behind it.



Food & Science Festival, Mantova 3 ottobre 2021

Conferenza: Perdere il sapore: gusto, olfatto e Covid-19

Workshop and classroom

I am guest lecturer and trainer in Summer Schools and University programs on science communications. I am currently curator and coordinator of a SciCom series at the Grade Brain, Goethe University, in Frankfurt: a didactic program called Teaching Club for grad-students and postdoc researchers that covers the basics of science communication, public speaking and didactics.


I provide workshops and courses in-person and online.

If you would like to host a workshop or a conference, write to 

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