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Exploring new paths and finding unexpected connections among disciplines is something I love, but at the end of the day, to be really useful, all this needs to be anchored on something solid and well structured. We need to be practical.


This is why my classes are usually hands-on: I use case studies, simulations, discussions and direct feedback with practical exercises. The main focus in most of my courses is on communication, or perception and awareness, it is - like it or not - always about connection and relation: you need to engage yourself to engage others.

Here a list and description of workshop and courses I offer.


Science and communication

The workshop is for grad. and undergrad. students, and young researchers. They may be of two hours, half day or full day and cover topics from basic principles of storytelling applied to science, basic theory of science communication, presentation and public speaking.

The specific program and topics are usually adapted according to the needs of participants and course.

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Olfaction, senses and perception

The courses are designed to give the basics on how smell and the senses work, elements of physiology and psychology of perception. The level is set depending on the audience (professionals or lay people) and are usually addressed to: 

  • Professionals working with smell and senses, sensory evaluators, perfumers, artists, etc

  • Therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and professionals who want to learn more about olfaction, taste and perception in relation to their practice.

  • Everyone who wants to learn more about smell and perception and how to play with them.

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Senses and movement


The workshop combines scientific explanations on senses and perception with improvisation techniques and movement. Starting with elements from dance-theater and movements I employ exercises on the senses and self-awareness to let people experiment with different perceptions. I then use this as starting point to provide scientific explanations on the neuroscience and how senses work.

Scent and Movement

Using smell/olfaction input and suggestions as impulse for improvisation and to improve self-consciousness of the body and perception on stage this workshop explores the possibility of embodying scent and odors in your own movement, and use them as inspirational tools for composition and improvisation.

The work starts with a warm-up using combined techniques from yoga and oriental practice, and continues with body work based on self-perception principles exploring reactions to specific movements and scents; it employs exercises on improvisation and dance-theater working and developing specific sequences.



Mapping olfaction and domestic odor

With Anna D'Errico

June, 19, 2022, h 11:00-12:30 (Berlin Time)

Online on Zoom

NOTE: This workshop will be in Italian language, if you are interested in having it in English please write to:


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Workshop on olfaction and smellwalk

with Anna D’Errico

Coming soon.

NOTE: This workshop will be in Italian language, if you are interested in having it in English please write to:



Science and misconception around pheromones and perfumery

Online class

June, 22, 2022, h 6:00-7:30 pm (Berlin time)
h 9:00-10:30 am (Pacific Time)

NOTE: This class is hosted and organized by

The Institute of Art and Olfaction


Details and Registration here:

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On the history and make of candles, and the science behind

Masterclass online with Anna D’Errico

January, 15, 2022, h 11:00-12:30
(Berlin Time)

NOTE: This class will be in Italian language, if you are interested in having it in English please write to:

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